Why Worry in Andes?

NOTE! As of February, 2013, we have a ban on heavy industry in Andes! Thanks so much to our great town leadership for being courageous enough to protect our town from the dangers of fracking. We thought we’d leave this page here so you can see where we started a year and a half ago…

Andes is in the New York City Watershed, and for the moment looks like it will be spared the direct impact of gas wells, but we are not safe!

If the areas in Delaware County outside of the watershed are opened to fracking and we’ve not protected ourselves, we could have thousands of truck trips daily down Main Street, our real estate values could plummet by up to 75%, our visitor-based businesses would disappear, and our town as we know it could cease to exist.

And there is no guarantee that the ban in the Watershed will stand.

This could be Route 28. Or Route 30. Or Route 10…

We propose a BAN on all heavy industry in Andes, and limitations for industrial truck traffic. For more information about this process, please visit the Community Environmental Defense Council. 

To contact us, please email us at info@andesworks.com.

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