We believe Andes works…

We believe that our community works…
We believe that we can work together to make it better…
We believe that everyone here should have the work they need…

And we’re going to put these pieces together to usher in a new era in Andes’ history. This town has been a gem in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and has been loved and cared for by generations of residents.

We proudly step into that continuum, joining with our neighbors to take up the charge of helping all of us thrive here. Far too many Andes residents are struggling or have found that they needed to leave the area because they can’t support their family here.

We are currently brainstorming about how to fix that, including ideas like:

  • Building local investing in local businesses
  • Working to make sure we have affordable housing
  • Strengthening support for all of our businesses already here
  • Creating innovative small business opportunities and support that celebrates the town and area around us
  • Working with farmers to ensure that the community is doing all it can to support them
  • Creating a central warehouse/fulfillment house and e-commerce center that offers Andes and Delaware County grown and made products to the world
  • Exploring innovative ideas like community-owned stores, community-generated energy, etc.
  • Building opportunities for young families – both those already here and those we can invite to join us
  • Completing community assets and needs assessments — talking to all of our neighbors about Andes so we have the best ideas possible that matter to the residents here
  • Building on the tourist economy and strengthening Andes as a go-to location

We need you!

What do you think works in Andes? What do you think we need? This is our town and together we’ll make it work.

Please email us at with your thoughts, concerns, and crazy ideas.

2 Responses to Solutions!

  1. E. Eglin says:

    Sustainable Otsego has a very sophisticated website and organization against fracking in the Otsego and Cooperstown area. Their moderator, Adrian Kuzminski, was asked to testify in Washington on the subject. Check out their site; they have amassed an enormous amount of information. They are very very effective and have been up and running for well over a year.

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