Quick phone call needed to Governor Cuomo

Please consider making a quick phone call to Governor Cuomo today or tomorrow (December 10th or 11th) to say: 

Governor Cuomo: “Keystone the Constitution.”  Deny the 401 Water Quality Certificate. Call Cuomo’s office at 877-235-6537

What is This All About? The proposed Constitution pipeline is Cuomo’s “Keystone”

  • Just like Obama had to decide about a dirty energy pipeline, so does Cuomo.
  • This pipeline would carry fracked gas from Pennsylvania through five Delaware County towns to the North and West of Andes.
  • 84 times more damaging than carbon, fracked methane gas is not the answer for NY’s energy future.
  • Over 99% of the gas in this pipeline is destined for export; in this case to Canada. Despite this, private property is being seized by eminent domain here in Delaware County.
  • Governor Cuomo can stop this pipeline by refusing to grant a required 401 water quality certificate.

Why Should I Care About the Constitution Pipeline? The proposed Constitution is the “keystone” to the future of NYS

  • If NYS approves this pipeline, there will be no stopping the frack gas infrastructure projects that follow, as the standards set here will apply to future pipeline projects.
  • If NYS rejects this pipeline, it will set a positive precedent for all other pipeline battles, in NYS and beyond.
  • Stopping pipelines slows the pace of fracking in Pennsylvania.

How Would This Pipeline Impact Our Area? The proposed pipeline project would violate NY water quality standards

  • The pipeline would trench through 289 bodies of water, many of them protected trout streams.
  • About 700,000 trees would have to be cut, many of them on steep slopes near streams.
  • Our area is prone to extreme weather events and was devastated by three major storms in the past ten years. The pipeline would create new pathways for raging waters and debris into the valleys where towns are located.

What Should I Say When I Phone?

  • Keystone the Constitution.
  • The Governor should use his authority to deny the 401 water quality certificate.
  • Cutting down 700,000 trees on 35 miles of steep slopes will lead to disaster.
  • No eminent domain for private profit.

Please call Governor Cuomo’s office at 877-235-6537


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This is cool — a musical commentary on fracking in words, dance and music

Provincetown Playhouse, NYC

December 14th, 2015 8:00PM  Freea musical commentary on fracking

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Meet And Greet The Candidates in Andes October 18th

Voters in Andes to Replace Town Supervisor

For the past eighteen years voters of the town of Andes have continuously voted in Marty Donnelly as their Town Supervisor. For the first election since 1997, Marty Donnelly’s name won’t be on the ballot due to his decision to retire. Bud Gladstone (D) and Richie Gabriel (R) are campaigning for the seat of Andes Town Supervisor.

Once again a ‘Meet the Candidates’ event will be held at the Andes Hotel on Sunday October 18th at 3pm. The public is invited to attend.

The two candidates running for Andes Town Supervisor have been invited to participate. Also invited to participate are the candidates running for two seats on the Andes Town Council: Edward Callahan (R), Tom Hall (D), Shayne Moshier (R), and Bruce Soules (D).

‘Meet the Candidates’ will be an open format but not a formal debate. Candidates will be given five minutes each to discuss their positions and ideas. Written questions from the audience will be presented to the Candidates by moderator Jack McShane.

Tax Collector Margaret Moshier, Superintendent of Highways Mike McAdams, and Town Clerk Kim Tosi are running unopposed and have been invited to attend but will not participate.

This event proved to be a valuable means to inform voters for the last town election. Once again it is being sponsored by Andes Works! and the Andes Hotel. All are invited! The regular food and drink service of the Andes Hotel will be available.

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The Andes Round Table

One of the quiet delights of Andes is the extraordinary Wednesday night tradition, the Andes Round Table. Founded in 1994, the Andes Roundtable has met most Wednesday evenings at the Hunting Tavern, a historic tavern in the heart of the village, owned by the Andes Society for History and Culture. For a couple of bucks an evening (for coffee mostly), you can listen to an thought-provoking speaker and join in on a robust, thoughtful conversation afterwards. These tend to be really intriguing evenings — but with lots of energy and laughter.

Andes Roundtable – Wed., July 29, 7 pm at The Hunting Tavern –Molly Marquand is a botanist, native plant gardener, and small flower farmer living in the western Catskills. Her presentation will take viewers through some of the biggest threats to the natural communities of the Catskills. Her presentation will take viewers through some of the biggest threats to the natural communities of the Catskills and what you do to bolster biodiversity in your own garden or woods.

You can stay up on what’s coming up on the Andes First Community News Page on Facebook — and can ask there to be added to their mailing list. (Their home website has some great history but we’re not sure if the email address on it is still the best way to catch them.) Or you can just show up.

They’re really special.


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New Indoor Farmer’s Market Coming in Andes!

We are delighted to share that work is underway to turn the former Citihope building on Main Street in Andes into an indoor farmer’s market. This project is the brainchild of Andes residents, Cheryl Terrace and Andy Wos. Cheryl is a green interior designer and the proprietor of Catskill Culture Club… Andy is a renaissance man who is managing several large real estate projects in the area (among other things, like renovating buildings for indoor farmer’s markets…) Featuring local farm meats, cheeses, milks and produce… and a gathering place for promoting, supporting & GROWING our sustainable community! Get the latest news on their progress on Facebook!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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New Andes trails in Kaatskill Life

We loved reading about the Andes Rail Trail/Bullet Hole Spur and the Shavertown Trail in the spring issue of Kaatskill Life.   The article states: “All in all, this is one of the nicest trails in the area, interesting in its variety, and a comfortable trail for those who like to wander in the woods. It is short enough to walk in a couple of hours, and interesting enough for repeated visits. The Catskill Mountain Club did a superb job with this trail. Congratulations!”

We couldn’t agree more!   If you haven’t checked out both of these trails, you are really missing out.  And by the summer Andes will have a third great trail — on Palmer Hill.

Read the article here (click the title or the article picture below):

Discover & Explore the NEW Andes Rail Trail  (click the picture or this title to read the article)
by Pete Senterman
Reprinted with permission from Kaatskill Life, Spring 2014


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Thinking Spring

The news is out! This spring will bring Two Old Tarts to Andes!   If you’ve never been to the Two Old Tarts in Bovina, you are in for a real treat, and we are so happy they are coming to Andes.   Read more about it here in the Watershed Post.

This spring will bring construction of another new hiking trail in Andes…


This one on Palmer Hill, starting at the scenic overlook on Finkle Road and Rt 28.    Keep your eyes out for the opening of the trail, and contact the Catskill Mountain Club if you’d like to help build it!

Want to learn more about cycling in the Catskills?    Check out a great post from Anton Tutter, co-author a cycling blog, Riding the Catskills, which chronicles off-the-beaten-path cycling routes in the region.    In this post, he shares his adventures cycling over some beautiful, rugged Delaware County roads as he “pass hunts” his way from Bloomville to Bovina to Andes and back to Bloomville.   His description and photos will have you longing for bicycling weather – as if this winter wasn’t already doing that for some.  Check out other rides in the Catskills at the rest of the website as well.

Last summer, Anton wrote:  I recently rode a hilly 45-mile route that connects three neighboring villages to retrace childhood memories; each holds fond memories for me. But more relevant to this post, cycling between these villages is a fun adventure in pass hunting– the sport of riding over mountain passes towards a goal of having completed a defined number of passes within a region. Popular in France (rules of the game), it’s gaining popularity here in the US. It’s sort of the cycling equivalent of hiking clubs, where the goal is to have hiked over a defined group of mountain peaks. So instead of following major roads between the villages that skirt around and thereby avoid the mountains, I opt to ride up and over the mountains along the most remote, least traveled mountain passes and carriage roads I can find, choosing dirt over pavement wherever possible.

Read the rest of this great post  here.   Check out the other great posts on Riding the Catskills as well.

In the meantime, there’s lots going on at the Andes Hotel and in the other great places around town.

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