On Fracking

While many of us originally thought that hydro-fracking natural gas could serve as a bridge fuel as the US shifted to alternative energy sources, the news over the last year has been terrifying.

  • Fracking’s environmental impacts are utterly devastating, with new horror stories about what it does to land, water, air, and communities emerging daily.
  • The scale of development would turn most of upstate New York into an industrialized area, with 3 to 5 acre well pads that take 3 years to complete every square mile, with 24 hour compressors running, methane flares, etc.
  • Each well (generally six to a pad) generates 1,000 to 2,ooo truck trips a day.
  • Thousands of miles of pipe would be laid.
  • The gas industry has vastly over-estimated how much gas can be recovered. Instead of the promised “100 years of energy independence” is now set at maybe 22 years.
  • Even as the industry is talking about how this can save the US, they are gearing up to sell natural gas to China. This gas will not heat our homes or fuel our cars!
  • Gas drilling doesn’t help the local economy. Click here for testimony from an economist at NY Senator Greg Ball’s fracking hearing in August, 2011.

Here are some great resources to help you understand how devastating fracking is:

Non-Profit Organizations
(These are mostly completely volunteer, grassroots organizations. Members make no money doing this hard work — it’s just about trying to save their communities — and ours.)

CDOG: Chenango Delaware Otsego Gas Drilling Opposition Group
(for a fast link to hundreds of resources, click here…)

Connect to your local organizations opposing the hydrofracturing of the Marcellus and other shales.

Catskills Citizens for Safe Energy

Another great site with hundreds of resources about fracking, from a grass roots organization that’s been fighting fracking since 2008.

Sustainable Otsego
Wonderful site from our neighbors in Otsego County, where they are fighting the good fight. They have passed a ban in the town of Ostego, which includes Cooperstown. Tons of information here.

Delaware Riverkeeper
“Grounded in the power of the River and the community, the Delaware Riverkeeper, backed by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, staunchly champions the needs of the Delaware river and in so doing ensures its unfettered ability to protect and provide for all the human and nonhuman communities that love, appreciate and depend upon it.”

Clean Water Not Dirty Drilling
Lots of information and opportunities for action here, too.

Many resources here as well.

More coming soon! Stop back!

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