How to help stop the pipeline

You can help stop the permitting of an interstate gas pipeline in western Delaware County that, if allowed to happen, might in time, bring fracking to many parts of the county.

Description of Proposed Pipeline:
Williams, in partnership with Cabot Oil & Gas and Piedmont Natural Gas, wants to construct a major interstate, open access, high-pressure, 30-inch diameter pipeline to transmit gas drilled in Pennsylvania to various markets. If the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) permits it to be built, it will be called the “Constitution Pipeline LLC”, with a projected completion in 2015. If allowed by FERC, the pipeline will run 122 miles across many towns in Broome, Delaware & Schoharie Counties.

Pipelines bring fracking. We’re sure you understand the devastation that could bring. In Delaware County only Andes has a ban on fracking. Even if the Watershed is temporarily protected, nothing is forever. Indeed the rest of the region could suffer quite soon. We have yet to feel the industry power and pressure. Witness the trauma in Pennsylvania.

Even if fracking never occurs on your property, your lifestyle and property values will be degraded. By acting now you could protect your legal right for compensation. By acting now, by intervening in the permitting process, you may help stop the pipeline, while protecting your legal rights at the same time. So please act now. The deadline for intervening is July 17, 2013.

As an intervener, you will have legal standing to challenge FERC’s decisions and, if you choose, to join together with others to be heard by the Court of Appeals. You don’t have to be a directly affected landowner to intervene. Any person––directly affected landowner, indirectly affected landowner, local resident or simply a citizen of the USA, because we are all affected––can intervene with the FERC.

To intervene, follow these three steps:

First – learn how to e-register with FERC by going to:

Second – prepare your statement, which could be any length and cover some or all that concerns you, but must include the words “As no one else can represent my interests in this matter, I am filing this motion to intervene”.

Third – intervene with FERC by following these instructions:



When your done  Spread the word!



3 Responses to How to help stop the pipeline

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  2. Charles Scott says:

    I followed Bob Lidsky’s directions on registering at the FERC site, however I had trouble with the process. FERC asks for an “alternate organization” if you are not a private citizen (name, address, phone, etc.) I am a private citizen, but the system would not register me. Any thoughts?

    • annroberti says:

      Charles, thanks for doing this. I had the same problem. I just put ‘private citizen’ as the organization and repeated my email address and phone number. I think it is a bug in the FERC system. Ann

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