About Us

Andes Works! is a collection of Andes residents, both long-timers and newcomers, who are joining together to create an economy that benefits all of our residents.

We came together to protect our amazing town from the effects of becoming industrialized by gas hydro-fracking and realized that we need to help ourselves and each other find other solutions to our economic needs.

We will be working to brainstorm with our neighbors to build out tangible, doable plans to support area businesses, farmers, entrepreneurs, and workforce; bring tangible projects to the community that meet our needs, build an economy that entices young families to move to the area, and more, even as we protect all that we hold dear here — our clean air, our water, our quiet rural landscape, our small town.

We believe that WE are the solution, not outside companies that have no real investment in our way of life. Join us! Whether it’s a conversation with your neighbor, a chance to listen to a speaker, an opportunity to share your ideas about what will make Andes better, we need you!

Email us at info@andesworks.com to join our mailing list.
Click here to find out how you can get involved.

Steering Committee Members

George Ballantine                   Bob Lidsky
Larry Breakstone                    Leigh Melander
Jack Doig                                  Mark Ohe
Sue Doig                                   Ann Roberti
Bill Feldman                            Michael Suchorksy
Marlene Feldman


“So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.”
~ Jack Layton

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