Meet the Candidate – Dale Cole – Town Council Candidate

Hi, my name is Dale Cole. I was brought up on a dairy farm where I now live. My great grandfather William Wight purchased it in 1900. His oldest of 7 children was 13 when his wife died! After his children became older he became a public servant in Andes. He served on the school board and as a director on the creamery co-op. His claim to fame came around 1927 when as president he cast the deciding vote to break a 2-2 tie in favor of centralizing the school district, to the dismay of Shavertown and Union Grove residents. He was pelted with tomatoes and eggs as he exited the meeting, but always believed he made the right decision!

After that his daughter, my grandmother Vera Bloodgood, escorted him to meetings and she attended board meetings for the rest of her life, often only being the only non-board member in attendance. Her claim to fame was going to Washington D.C. after her husband died of pancreatic cancer. She spoke to congress asking for more cancer research. My father Richard also served on the school board from 1961-71. His claim to fame there was as a real estate agent he negotiated land for school bus garage, and also land where the pool is. But State would not allow school to have an outdoor pool, so land was transferred to the town.

I have enjoyed enjoyed being on the town board. The first 2 years under Marty Donnelly, and now under Bud Gladstone, both men are very effective supervisors. I give Bud an A+ for being a first term Supervisor. He is very effective and has a great understanding of what needs to be done, along with being a great people person.

In some ways I feel like after 4 years on the board you are just getting off probation, there is a lot to know and a lot to learn, I would love to have one more term, after thirty years of being a rural carrier in Andes, and almost as many years coaching the youth of Andes, I feel I have a great understanding of the pulse and heartbeat of the people here.

Dale is one of the four candidates running for the two Town Council seats.

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