Quick phone call needed to Governor Cuomo

Please consider making a quick phone call to Governor Cuomo today or tomorrow (December 10th or 11th) to say: 

Governor Cuomo: “Keystone the Constitution.”  Deny the 401 Water Quality Certificate. Call Cuomo’s office at 877-235-6537

What is This All About? The proposed Constitution pipeline is Cuomo’s “Keystone”

  • Just like Obama had to decide about a dirty energy pipeline, so does Cuomo.
  • This pipeline would carry fracked gas from Pennsylvania through five Delaware County towns to the North and West of Andes.
  • 84 times more damaging than carbon, fracked methane gas is not the answer for NY’s energy future.
  • Over 99% of the gas in this pipeline is destined for export; in this case to Canada. Despite this, private property is being seized by eminent domain here in Delaware County.
  • Governor Cuomo can stop this pipeline by refusing to grant a required 401 water quality certificate.

Why Should I Care About the Constitution Pipeline? The proposed Constitution is the “keystone” to the future of NYS

  • If NYS approves this pipeline, there will be no stopping the frack gas infrastructure projects that follow, as the standards set here will apply to future pipeline projects.
  • If NYS rejects this pipeline, it will set a positive precedent for all other pipeline battles, in NYS and beyond.
  • Stopping pipelines slows the pace of fracking in Pennsylvania.

How Would This Pipeline Impact Our Area? The proposed pipeline project would violate NY water quality standards

  • The pipeline would trench through 289 bodies of water, many of them protected trout streams.
  • About 700,000 trees would have to be cut, many of them on steep slopes near streams.
  • Our area is prone to extreme weather events and was devastated by three major storms in the past ten years. The pipeline would create new pathways for raging waters and debris into the valleys where towns are located.

What Should I Say When I Phone?

  • Keystone the Constitution.
  • The Governor should use his authority to deny the 401 water quality certificate.
  • Cutting down 700,000 trees on 35 miles of steep slopes will lead to disaster.
  • No eminent domain for private profit.

Please call Governor Cuomo’s office at 877-235-6537


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