Andes Works! is One Year Old!

A year ago this week, a group of Andes residents met at the Andes Hotel to discuss the upcoming town forum on Hydraulic Fracture Gas Drilling.   We decided that we should meet again to find ways to prevent this high risk drilling technique known as fracking from happening in this place we love.  Thus, Andes Works! was born.  We quickly realized that we wanted to contribute to the community in positive ways as we continued to push for a ban on fracking in the region.

In the year since, Andes Works! has achieved a lot:

  • Singer / songwriter Laurie McIntosh created an anthem for AndesWorks
  • We sent out a mass postcard mailing on the industrial “traffic” that would be the result of gas drilling in our area.
  • Working with the Town Supervisor and the Town Board,  a moratorium on heavy industry in the town of Andes has been put in place.
  • The town is working towards a ban on heavy industry.
  • We held an economic development forum.
  • We raised money for Ballantine Park.
  • We participated in great numbers in the annual town Trash Pickup.
  • We created the Andes Works! website and email system to communicate news on Andes Works! activities and interests.
  • We organized coordinated activities for a Memorial Day Weekend
  • In partnership with the Andes Fire Department, WIOX Community Radio, and with support from The MARK Project, we created the Andes Battle of the Bands: an annual event for young musicians to perform in front of an audience.
  • We launched, a state wide website to record acreage and number of landowners who are against fracking on their land, a tool to bring our concerns to state government.
  • We created a new town Rail Trail.   In partnership with the Town, we’ve created a one mile long scenic walking trail at the edge of town.  We’ve received a $700 from Parks & Trails New York for signage and a brochure.    Work continues on this trail to extend it to approximately 2.5 miles one way.  Take a virtual walk on the rail trail here.
  • We have obtained permission from the DEP to build hiking trails on their Shavertown Bridge and Palmer Hill parcels.

We have a lot planned for the future

  • Continue working towards a ban on fracking in our region and in the entire state.
  • We are continuing to enhance the rail trail.
  • Along with the Catskill Mountain Club, we will build the trails on the DEP parcels.
  • The Battle of the Bands will return July 20th, 2013 as an annual event.

Many thanks to Larry Breakstone, Marty Donnelly and the Andes Town Board for starting us off with the town forum on fracking.


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1 Response to Andes Works! is One Year Old!

  1. Gabrielle Pierce says:

    Bravo Andes Works!!

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