The Few, the Proud, the Trashpickers

An enormous thank you to all of the folks who showed up to help clean up trash in April! Led by the intrepid Ann Roberti and Nancy McShane (who have been making roadside cleanup an annual tradition for many years in Andes), the crew met twice and cleaned up over 80 bags of trash…

Our thanks to all who helped! Some evidence, including some really spiffy new outfits Ann found…

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2 Responses to The Few, the Proud, the Trashpickers

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  2. peter force says:

    trashpickin’ is a sport in my family.literally we brag about who finds the best pick….also i have started with my 5 yr old,when i have him,a QUARTER for every peice of trash he cleans up with me on the way to wherever we may be going.{yes he has been taught to not grab anything sharp,broken,glass..ectect..} plus lots of times ill sharpen him up a “pick-up-stick” and he uses that and a bag i will give him. the we count the pieces up as they go into the local trash can.

    also this is my first time commenting on this site and the first time i have been her!… thanx for having me!…

    also THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ARTICLE ABOVE. cleanups after large events are vital to LARGE events taking place to begin in the USA,lots of events have been cancelled becuase the prior year the trash left behind was so bad that the landowner of course,getting stuck with the cleanup bill,wont sign the event to his piece of land again.this normally happens when the actual event holders dont own the land and are actually able to get the event booked with no cleanup in the booking.they just look at it like “it’s not our land.yes the event we planned trashed it but the owner of the land assumes all rights to the land once the event is over.hence he/she inherits all the trash folks dont take with them.” SO SAME SIMPLE SOLUTION…. LISTEN TO MOM AND CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR SELF! -CTP {CERTIFIED TRASH PICKER}

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