Help at Hogans!

Are you looking for work?

Cheryl Terrace and Andy Wos are helping Don to get Hogans spiffed up and shaped up — they’re working on trying to purchase the property at some point, but in the mean time, are wanting to help get it thriving as a community resource. And they are looking for great helpers!

Here’s the message from Cheryl:

Hello Friends & Neighbors,

As some of you may have noticed Hogans is getting a (much needed) make-over. Andy & I are cleaning, creating a new dining area in the back with a new menu..(featuring pizza).

We are helping Hogan transition into what he does well ~ make pizza !… (& eventually transition into another endeavor that will make him happier).

That said, we are looking to hire a few cheerful folks who are interested in working in (& possibly running) a general store /gas station/ restaurant. Full & Part Time. Weekends & Evenings.

Needed: a CHEERFUL morning person for opening at 6 am (5:30 am to prep, possibly bake, & other general duties).
A variety of other positions / times are also available.
We will be running ads in local papers as well as NYC (hopefully get some of that uber cool brooklyn vibe/energy).

If you know of anyone interested, please have them call me/ Andy (607-832-4660) or email me.

Our goal is to make the Andes General Store a huge success and REALLY appreciate your help & support!

THANKS! ~ Cheryl & Andy  

Again — please contact Cheryl or Andy at 607-832-4660 or email Cheryl at to learn more rather than stopping in at the store.
This could be a great chance to get in on a newly re-imagined business that is at the heart of Andes!

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1 Response to Help at Hogans!

  1. tammy storey says:

    I might be interested in part time night at the restaurant part if you need help the shelf look great

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