Join the Few, the Proud, The Trash Pickers!

A Last-Minute Invitation!

Andes Annual Trash Pickup
Wednesday, April 18 & Saturday, April 21
Meet at 9:30 at Hogans   

It is that time of year again, when most of us are unhappy seeing all the trash along our country roads.  Ann Roberti and Nancy McShane are looking for additional volunteers in their annual endeavor of litter removal. They have chosen two days to accommodate those who can only make a weekday and those who can only make a weekend.

Debris removal days will be Wednesday,  April 18th and Saturday, April 21st.    Rain dates will be April 25th and April 28th. 
Meet at 9:3o AM at Hogan’s with work gloves.  Plastic bags will be provided.  

Please contact Nancy at 676-3534 or Ann at 676-3643 or  AnnRoberti(at) if you would like to help or to get more information.   If you can’t make our organized litter pickup, perhaps you can join us in spirit by picking up on the road by your home.

Thanks so much to Ann and Nancy for organizing this every year!

Memorial Day Weekend is the opening of the Pepacton for boating and Andes will have a lot of visitors. Let’s make it shine!  We need your help!

PS: Lots of exciting news coming about events on Memorial Day weekend…stay tuned…

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