Fracking May Bring High Levels of Radon and Lead

From the Oneida County Courier:

James W. Ring, Winslow Professor of Physics Emeritus at Hamilton College asserts that household use of natural gas obtained from hydrofracking in the Marcellus Shale can cause exposure to unacceptably high levels of Radon Gas and Lead. Professor Ring claims that both natural gas and Radon will be generally released by the fracturing process and will move together as a mixed gas out of gas wells and into homes. Also, as the Radon decays, lead is formed in the pipes and into the homes where natural gas is piped.

Radium, Radon and Lead are all health hazards. Lead is a heavy metal that is toxic when ingested or when its dust is breathed in. Radium and Radon cause tissue damage particularly to the lungs when breathed in or when ingested. Next to smoking, Radon is the most potent cause of lung cancer…

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