No property rights when the gas companies come to your front yard…

I (Christine Ruggiero) will start this story by saying that Aruba Petroleum has taken a great deal from my family, but they cannot take away our faith in God. This story may sound like one of defeat, but we are not defeated.

My husband Tim, daughter Reilly, and I purchased 10 acres and a wonderful home in Wise County, TX about six years ago. We thought that country life would be the best life for our daughter given her love of animals and nature. We have lived a peaceful life, improving our home when we could and striving to provide the best childhood possible for Reilly.

Aruba Petroleum turned that life upside down on August 29th 2009 with no regard for property or human health. We learned shortly after that day that our 10 acres were, unfortunately, a part of the 920 acre Wright lease held by Aruba Petroleum (as was our neighbors, the Parrs).

One morning, I saw bulldozer leveling the lawn in front of our neighbor’s home. My neighbor called minutes later to say that a gas well was going to be drilled and there was nothing that he could do about it.

Given the number of uninhabited acres on the lease, we were frustrated that this massive undertaking was so close to their home and ours. They had a beautiful home on 40 acres and Aruba Petroleum chose to put the rig right in front of their house on their lawn that leads down to a lovely pond where their grandsons often swam and fished. Our neighbor is also of ill health…

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