“‘Inspiring is not a word I usually use…” — Stanley Fish on Andes

On Friday, August 19, over 150 Andes residents gathered at the Andes Central School at a forum on hydro-fracking for shale gas graciously hosted by the Andes Town Board.

It was an amazing evening. Andes resident and New York Times columnist Stanley Fish wrote about it in his column:

Interspersed with the expressions of love, hope and resolution were substantive points of anxiety. No one knows how much contaminated water will escape and where it will go. Even if we stop it here other towns might surrender and we could see a truck kicking up dust and leaking sand every 60 seconds, seven days a week. The noise level will make conversation impossible; no more sitting on the porch of the hotel or the coffee shop. Property values will plummet by 50 to 75 percent (this from a long-time Realtor). Banks are reluctant to write mortgages on property that is being drilled on. There might be limited short-term benefits to a few, but the boom will be followed by a bust, and when it is all over “people won’t want to live here anymore.”

You can read the whole thing here…

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